The HeartCheck ECG Monitor

The HeartCheck™ ECG Monitor

  • An EU, FDA and Health Canada approved handheld ECG monitor

Portable, easy to use, and takes accurate heart readings anytime in only 30 seconds.

Storing up to 200 ECGs, data can be downloaded and printed from a computer, or emailed to a physician, clinic, or ECG co-ordinating centre.

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What is the HeartCheck™?

  • An EU, FDA and Health Canada approved handheld ECG monitor
  • Can be used for non-invasive spot checks in pharmacies, doctor’s surgeries, offices, gyms or at home
  • An ideal complement to existing customer screening services for cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes
  • Intended for patients who are at cardiovascular risk from disorders such as: hypertension, diabetes, myocardial infarction, cardiac arrhythmias, or require monitoring of their heart’s electrical activity

  • Readings are assessed by trained medical professionals and patients are quickly made aware of any issues
  • Simple to operate and backed by comprehensive training and support services


  • Large high resolution LCD screen with backlight
  • Displays heart rate and ECG waveform
  • Compact (13.5cm x 7.5cm) and easy to use with quick results
  • Evaluation of heart condition in 30 seconds
  • USB interface for data transfer
  • Stores up to 200 ECGs
  • Analyse results utilising Heart Rate Trend
The HeartCheck ECG Monitor

Benefits of the HeartCheck™ ECG Monitor for Pharmacists and Physicians

ECG’s can be taken anytime symptoms appear, which increases the chance of an accurate diagnosis

  • High margin service ensures initial capital outlay is quickly recovered
  • Save time (e.g 20 minutes per patient if a 12-lead ECG is not required)
  • Save money (3 electrodes only, or none if a 12-lead ECG is not required)
  • Improve patient care

    – patients can start their ECG readings while waiting for an appointment

    – potentially capture transient rate/rhythm disturbances (i.e. PVC’s, PAC’s, pauses, runs, atrial fibrillation, etc.)

    – screen for prolonged QT interval

  • Maintain, save and archive all patient records on a PC
  • Appropriate for home use – patients can take the device for home monitoring
  • Minimal training required for staff and patients
  • Easier to use than a wristwatch heart rate monitor
  • Three months warranty


  • Download patient data from the device to your PC and archive
  • Print out individual ECG readings
  • View ECG waveform from device to computer screen in real time
“Studies have shown that routine ECG’s would improve Atrial Fibrillation detection in all age groups, which can then trigger remedial measures that would reduce the risk and incidence of stroke”
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