What our customers say

We have included some testimonials from patients who used the ECG pen, under guidance, as part of a health screening service provided by Premier Health Check

“…I had a health check performed with Premier Health in Drogheda which included an ECG and an unexpected Arrhythmia was found. I was advised to consult my Doctor who confirmed this condition and I was also told if this had not been discovered a serious health problem could have occurred”
Angela, Kilbarrack, Co.Dublin
“…I went to the Premier Health Clinic for a complete Health Check which included an ECG and received a printed report within an hour by email informing me that I had a Bundle Branch Block. As a result I was advised to consult my Doctor who confirmed the results and I am now receiving the necessary treatment. Thank you!”
Helena, Blackrock, Co.Dublin
“…I was advised by a friend to have a health check with a clinic called Premier Health in Drogheda and as part of the Health Check I had an ECG taken with a new device called the HeartCheck pen and received the results within the hour. To my astonishment a heart condition called Premature Ventricular Contraction (PVC’s) was discovered for which my Doctor referred me to a Cardiologist, with whom I am receiving treatment. I was told by my Doctor the discovery of this condition was most important. Thanks to Premier Health and the new ECG device they have”
Caroline, Maynooth, Co. Kildare
“…I had an MOT/NCT to my system performed at a clinic called Premier Health Check in Drogheda, this check involved an ECG test performed by a new device called the Heartcheck pen, I am told the only one of it’s kind in Ireland. I had a print off emailed to me within 2 hours informing me that I had Atrial Fibrillation and to consult my Doctor who told me if this had not been detected a serious heart condition could have resulted as I am a very active person. Thanks to this new heart device a more serious condition may have been avoided”
Susan, Kilkenny, Co. Kilkenny
“…I had a cholesterol, glucose and ECG reading taken at a clinic in Drogheda called Premier Health Check. The results I received showed an elevation in my cholesterol and a narrowing of the arteries which was causing a restriction of blood flow. This required Angioplasty bypass. This condition was shown on the printout received as a result of the test taken by this new ECG device that the clinic has, the only one of its kind in Ireland I am told. The Doctor told me this condition could have caused a stroke or heart attack. Amazing!!!”
David, Castleblaney, Co.Monaghan.

Premier Cardio Check is the authorised distributor of the HeartCheck™ Personal ECG Pen in Ireland. We have included some testimonials from customers based in the U.S.A and Canada

“…we found the product very easy to use and obtained excellent quality ECG tracings. Our cardiologist was very impressed with the ECG PEN and shared it with his colleagues”
Linda F, Montreal, Quebec
“… I have high blood pressure, and many in my family have heart problems. I liked the fact that you take the ECG test at home and it is read by doctors”
Ida H, Ontario, Canada
“…the HeartCheck Pen is convenient, unobtrusive, and handy. The GEMS home software is a big plus, unlike other ECG recording devices the patient has control over the recordings, and can download and print out the same to take to one or more physicians”
Don H, Sun City West, Arizona
“…Since I purchased the HeartCheck Pen, it has given me piece of mind many times. When I feel palpitations, even though I know that they are simple palpitations, it makes me feel better to be able to confirm that I am not in A-Fib”
Andrea S, Jasper, Georgia
“…By using the ECG PEN I am able to provide information to my doctor with more detail and convenience than ever before. In addition it is extremely cost effective vs visits to the doctors’ office for an EKG”
Tim L, Pleasanton, California